2016 Senior Championship Flight Winners

Championship Flight

From the left: Therese Quinn, 2nd place; Julie Harrison, Champion; Laura Carson, 3rd place; Gigi Higgins, 4th place.

First Flight

From the left: Tracy Marshall, 3rd place; Tama Caldabaugh, 1st place; Janice Wilson, 2nd place and Cindy Gilkesen, 4th place.

Second Flight

From the left: Anita Venner, 2nd place; Janie Carpenter, 1st flight; Paula Fiztpatrick, 3rd place; Not shown Kim Cure, 4th place.

Third Flight

From the left: Ginny Zanca, 2nd place; Maria Malone, 1st place; Not shown Pam Fossett, 3rd place and Joan Archer, 4th place.

Fourth Flight

From the left: Becky Mitchell, 4th place; Julia Roth, 1st place; Cynthia Curry, 2nd place, Sissy Kern, 3rd place.

Fifth Flight

From the left: Sandra Smith, 4th place; Becky Meaux, 3rd place; Suzette Kirchner, 2nd place, Bonnie Longaker, 1st.

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